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Planeta Odoo
- 01/24/2016 16:13:27
Only have a authentication plugin for Odoo

2016-01-24 13:11 GMT-02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
The question is always what you actually want to do!

Odoo can handle selling and providing some simple elearning solutions but it is incapable right now to handle scrom compatible content or even interactive content.

An specific eLearning suite would be great for schools and universities as more and more universities use Free Open Source Software as they can manage and maintain it much easier (often even with their own people) than an expensive Enterprise or proprietary solution. The success of Moodle and most other eLearning plattforms is because they are following that strategy.

We use for example combinations from Moodle (for creating courses) - Mahara (ePortfolio Management) - Big Blue Button (for interactive communication in a virtual classroom - and mostly WordPress for all other marketing stuff.

Most of these Parts Odoo could handle IMHO much better.

WordPress - no question this can be handled by Odoo - especially if MultiBlog Capability would be available as this is what most Universities and Schools and other educational institutions need for their courses, classes or departments etc.

The selling Part which does often get done via woocommerce or Magento as two examples is already available in Odoo and IMHO it could handle it much better than all those other solutions if special required stuff for selling services/ courses and digital products would be available by default also in the community edition. Most is actually there as it could be taken from selling events ;-)

Mahara - This is a really great tool and here fails Odoo unfortunately. Have a look to Mahara and what it actually can do for schools and universities. Forums, Internal Groups, Social internal communication is already available in Odoo but there is no real good way to manage your digital assets i.e. images or documents you upload. A CV manager could be be created also with Odoo using the report functionality and extending the personal profiles with interactive fields like you can find them meanwhile also in solutions like linked in or even facebook etc.
Creating a CV which includes lots of data similar to monster Jobbase is a great benefit of Mahara and all those profiles and CVs and Assets can be presented to different customers with different intro letters, orders and assets, depending on what job you would like to aply. IN schools it is used to manage keep result lists of i.e. moodle courses in the portfolio.

Moodle - I guess most know what it is and it is still the most used solution in educational settings. Scrom compatible. Courses can be created easily but not as easy i.e. as they can be created in edX or other much newer solutions like "canvas"LMS. Creating actually modules to use courses which are SCROM compatible in Odoo would help a lot. The survey module would be used to to create simple courses but would need to be extended to use also interaction and multimedia contents for educational purposes.

The presentation module (slides) is super but does not really enable selling courses, being integrated into surveys or getting scored etc. But also this is actually already there in Odoo.

Finally missing is the video conferencing integration which could be also a great pert for project management and even sales trainings or support etc. Big BLue Button is a great solution for that. We currently had a customer who actually was looking for a solution like 

Moodle/Mahara/BigBlueButton/Wordpress/Woocommerce (which is already available) but with much easier way to create courses - especially those involving video content - which means similar to edX during a video session the transscript rolles in a parallel column (and could be easily be translated by the users (using i.e. google - via copy paste) if they have difficulties) But beside having non live video content also Live ontime content like online classes or single courses person to person should be managebale. As Video soltuion it would be Big Blue Button as the best choice for that.

This customer mentioned i.e. canvas and edX where courses can be created very easy and students can even easier interact with their professors BUT - and that is the problem of those solutions with selling courses, marketing those courses and keeping in touch with their students they mostly still have bigger problems but Odoo could handle that part much better without problems.

So it is actually a great idea for a community project to create an eLearning suite with different modules which could handle the missing parts in Odoo.

For those interested I recommend having a look also to the school module of SerpentCS and openeducat. They already provide many additional things while all interactive stuff is still missing too,

Have a nice evening


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On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 7:07 PM, ralf Hilgenstock <> wrote:

Hi Fabien

this will be a solution for simple learning scenarios but not for the complex reality in learning and HR.

We've a running  Moodle connector with two scenarios:
- Odoo shop for selling courses and handling course enrolements for Moodle
- a complete training suite for onsite, online and blended learning scenarios and all the corporate management stuff. online courses can be built in one or many Moodle systems connected. Course results are stored in Odoo again.

Ralf Hilgenstock
eLeDia eLearning im Dialog. Belrin

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Freitag, 22. Januar 2016 23:07
We stopped maintaining this connector. For our training centers customers, we usually propose this alternative:
- Odoo Slides : publish content (public or private)
- Odoo Survey : questions & certifications (it has a mode for Q&A instead of survey, with ratings)
- Odoo Mailing Lists : discussion groups for students
- Odoo Live Chat: talk with the teacher

We think it's much easier than using Moodle and a better solution for the customer.



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