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Re: Odoo Enterprise License Explanation

Fabien Pinckaers
- 01/24/2016 13:43:52
Forgive me if this is silly but I wonder if I purchase odoo enterprise 9 for one user and for one year, what happens after year pass ?? is that mean the instant will stop work? 

Yes, Odoo Enterprise is a subscription.
what if I didn't want to renewal can I still using it?

Can I install it on more than one server?

Yes, for development / testing purpose but you can not use it for different customers in production, on different databases.

In short:
- Odoo Enterprise is a subscription: you have to use the software
- In addition to the software, you get updates (bugfixes), upgrades (new version) as well as upgrade+migration service
- You can stop using it, or even got back to Odoo Community is you want to not pay anymore [1]
- The minimum is 5 users for one year (1200€)
- You have to pay for extra users, as well as renew extra years, otherwise the system stops


[1] It's pretty easy to move from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise, and the other way around to since it's just extra module. Of course, if you do Odoo Enterprise --> Odoo COmmunity, you loose the features.