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Re: RV: Odoo + LMS

Luke Branch
- 01/22/2016 19:57:01
Hi Rafael,

I've been searching for a connector between Open edX and Odoo for awhile and haven't found anything yet.

I think an entirely Odoo solution that emulates some of the features (eg. CodeJail for programming courses) of edX would be an incredibly useful app though. 

edX is written primarily in Python as well so perhaps a developer may be able to learn from how key features have been achieved in edX to build something for an Odoo MooC app. 

In my opinion quite a few features (slides app, gamification, forum, etc.) that are already present in Odoo 9 could be integrated into a fully-Odoo LMS app for MooC instruction that would be a more powerful all-in-one solution than edX is by itself.

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On 23 Jan 2016, at 1:22 AM, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:

Hi all,


Could you please inform me about projects with connector between Odoo and Moodle, EDX or similar?






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