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odoo v9 docs -- theme tutorial -- snippets question

Arjan Duijs
- 01/22/2016 14:29:01
Hi all,
I have been following the theme turorial but using the examples of the snippets dont seem to work properly.

The previous code will create the snippet’s content, but we still need to place it into the editor bar, so the user will be able to drag&drop it into the page. Copy/paste this template in your snippets.xml file.

<template id="place_into_bar" inherit_id="website.snippets" name="Place into bar">
  <xpath expr="//div[@id='snippet_structure']" position="inside">
    <t t-snippet="theme_tutorial.snippet_testimonial"

When i place this code in the snippets.xml it inserts the actual snippet into the sidebar, and not the dragable thumb

any idea what the code in this example should be?