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Re: Chart of Account structure & Financial year closing in Odoo 9

Fabien Pinckaers
- 01/21/2016 17:38:57

The accountant is the end user who will use the system, So let's discuss from his view, not from software engineering view,

If you consider my opinion, here is:-
Accounting 9 is very good version, but has critical points are changed which will prevent applying it in many countries like middle east countries as they considered it ABC accounting:-

1- removing old view account (which will represent child accounts balance)

Sorry, but I don't know a single accountant (not coming from Odoo) that knows what's a "view" account or a parent-child account. It is a developer concept that is not related to accounting at all. Accountant work with P&L, Balance Sheet and Trial Ledgers. (they expect it to be hierarchically structured, but it's not their job to do it, it's standard and should be provided by the software. Exactly as we do in reports in Odoo 9)

In that regard, Odoo 9 is much more accountant-friendly than Odoo 8. At least, now, they can import their Chart of Account easily or have reports that are not broken because they did not set the parent field. (our own accountant complained several time about Odoo having broken reports. It was because she created an account with no/wrong parent. All she saw is that the reporting were broken. And she was right, it shouldn't have to be her role to define how to structure a trial balance)

2- Removing Open/close fiscal periods,
I know that there is an option to close till specific date, but again it is ABC concept for accountants, also they may close period 3 and let period 1 is opened to enter enteries,

Removing periods/fiscal years is a decision we took to improve usability. I explained the reasoning a lot in the past (you should find emails in this mailing list) A side effect of all these improvements (there are really a LOT of PROs) is that we can close only at a specific date. I guess it works fine for 95% of the companies. Because if you absolutely need that feature, I recommend to go for a community module.

I suggest Odoo add the above to points as options in setting, so the admin can activate it or use the current solution

No, we don't like options and we avoid them when we can. Here is the reason:

Thanks for the feedback,