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Can not pay multiple invoices partially in V9 (as the lack of Customer Payment from v8)

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 01/21/2016 01:02:39
Hello Community,

We are facing a big decision of not going with V9 (accounting). We did try to over come the new accounting method in V9 but we still face a dead end. V9 accounting at first glance, seem to be ok. It seem to help in many things, like reporting, ways to easily reconcile.

I am not sure if others face the same problem, or we just don't know how to make use of it for some real business. There are 2 problem we are facing right now, for example, in Payment Matching window. Says we already have invoices and create a payment, now we want to match it.

1) We can't do selective allocation to invoices. I.e., customer pay an amount, we want to allocate to pay 1st invoice 30% and 2nd invoice 40%. I also found people talking here,

2) As we could select multiple Payments to reconcile multiple Invoices. Now, we can't trace back which invoice is paid by which payment (system do not record payment_id at all). This is just example, there are many place that lack consistency for tractability.

The (2) we can fix by locking only 1 payment is allowed. But for (1) we find now way out.

Sadly, we might have to move back to using v8 for our new project :(

I have seen many mail talking about v9 accounting, and we don't want to blame it. Something is good and some is bad, but how do you people get away with it, so curious ??

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