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Re: Work in new year without closing the old onw

Agile Business Group sagl, stefano sforzi
- 01/20/2016 11:48:06
The sequence of your invoice journal (in accounting) not have fiscal year rules.
You must create a sequenze (copy of standard) but linked to fiscal 2016

Il 20.01.2016 17:12, Martin Kaffanke ha scritto:
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Hi there,

I tried to make a supplier invoice for january, but it gives me the
invoice number of E 2016 - 0322 instead of E 2016 - 0001 where the 322
is the number of the last year +1.  And creating an invoice from the
last year also gives me 2016 in %{year}, instead of 2015 - so it seems
not to be the number of the date the invoice has.

How can I fix that?


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