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Re: FW: access to code under AGPL v3

Nhomar Hernandez
- 01/20/2016 08:46:42

2016-01-20 1:12 GMT-06:00 Ana Juaristi <>:

This would mean a whole bunch of pull requests as 99% of the modules perhaps even 100% do not contain OCA in the copyright line where the copyright holder belongs to to make clear that he holds the copyright.

 The point is that Maxime made a valuable point that people should use modules where OCA holds the copyright so that they can avoid future complications. Unfortunately the "Odoo Community Association" gets not mentioned in those copyright tags!


You have a HUGE confusion here....

this copyright:

In the header is because you mention a branch which is not yours, then you are making the quotation there.

The lecence is aftear that which is AGPL.

Is it is not being used in that way then it is confused.

About change 99% if I was not clear, it is either a job for an student or for omebody that can make an script that download, correct, commit, push, make PR.

BUT first you shpuld discuss 1 case ON github.

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