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Re: access to code under AGPL v3

Andi Becker
- 01/16/2016 22:10:48
Dear Houssine Bakkali

Who are you that you hate people so much?
Who are you accusing people which only are looking for answers?
Nobody is stressing here!

License infringements are a serious factor in business and many customers especially in Europe will be affected if things get even more complicated as they are already.

Fact is:

Fabien Pincaers answered the question concerning AGPL modules:
If you are using an AGPL module you have to make your site available publicly as soon as you are using i.e. the website module which gives access to users to the site so that they can interact with them publicly.

Dominique brought up a very important point which simple says that OCA is allowing and promoting license infringements!

Maxime just verified that statement in his last post by writing that if people use OCA modules them and their customers will be on a safe site.
But WHO ensures that ONLY OCA modules are used in a site and this is a very very critical point as in most sites there is a mixture of many modules from many different contributors. In other words your customer will be not on a safe site.

Only to let you know we are currently investigating that matter i.e. also on some examples which than might affect also your customers as they are located also in EU. License infringement as well as copyright infringements are a serious matter and additionally privacy laws too.

To summarize the current state is the following:

  1. If a customer is deciding to use ODOO in his business than he should first check all the modules used in his Odoo installation to make sure that they are 100% coming from OCA as otherwise he might get in serious legal problems. (Please read the comment from Maxime again and please try to understand the concerns than only trying to flame with accusations. be simply a bit more productive Houssine! please!)

With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Con un cordial saludo,
с сердечным приветом,


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On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 7:07 AM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:

Don't stress Dominique.

The community knows you and understands your concerns.

Thing is that cocopapa alias Andi Becker likes to mix up a response on the mailing list with a support of his trolling reflex on the mailing list.


Le 16 janv. 2016 12:52, "Dominique Chabord" <> a écrit :

a friend attracted my attention this morning that I've been cited on
contributor's list for a similar discussion. I'm not part of this list
because I'm neither a member of OCA nor a contributor (of code). Maxim
made it clear and he is right.

Even if I wrote the citation, I was not intended to criticize OCA
position but to understand it. I just don't repeat it in each sentence
and i'm not the nasty guy if you read all. I don't aim at rising
issues, I search answers. I'm globally impressed how OCA succeeded in
maintaining community unity through these troubled times.

The reasons why I have to dig strategic aspects a bit further are
- I 'm a hoster of thousands of Odoo servers and need to understand
how my business is at risk :
- I act as a strategic consultant and a prescriber for my direct
customers (some of them are contributors) and need to build

I'm sorry for people who would think I'm just noisy, I try not to be.

Have an excellent day.

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