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Re: access to code under AGPL v3

Houssine BAKKALI
- 01/16/2016 19:03:16

Don't stress Dominique.

The community knows you and understands your concerns.

Thing is that cocopapa alias Andi Becker likes to mix up a response on the mailing list with a support of his trolling reflex on the mailing list.


Le 16 janv. 2016 12:52, "Dominique Chabord" <> a écrit :

a friend attracted my attention this morning that I've been cited on
contributor's list for a similar discussion. I'm not part of this list
because I'm neither a member of OCA nor a contributor (of code). Maxim
made it clear and he is right.

Even if I wrote the citation, I was not intended to criticize OCA
position but to understand it. I just don't repeat it in each sentence
and i'm not the nasty guy if you read all. I don't aim at rising
issues, I search answers. I'm globally impressed how OCA succeeded in
maintaining community unity through these troubled times.

The reasons why I have to dig strategic aspects a bit further are
- I 'm a hoster of thousands of Odoo servers and need to understand
how my business is at risk :
- I act as a strategic consultant and a prescriber for my direct
customers (some of them are contributors) and need to build

I'm sorry for people who would think I'm just noisy, I try not to be.

Have an excellent day.

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