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Re: Managing tiered distribution partners

Ahmed Shaaban
- 01/15/2016 15:48:19


Please watch this video, it may help you,

Video language is Arabic,

Ahmed Elsaka,

On 15 Jan 2016 22:37, "Matthew Crouch" <> wrote:
The existing pricelist feature for the sales module will handle this requirement quite nicely. You can define different pricelists that use static prices or variable prices determined from product costs, and then assign these pricelists to specific customers. You can see the information in the standard sales module, under the sale -> pricelists menu. Send me a private email and I can point you more specifically to how it all works, if you are still looking for direction here. 

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 7:57 PM, Jason / 崔建平 <> wrote:

Hi all,


We are having a request to manage multi-level distributors and dealers, each level with different price scheme. For instance, Headquarter has Tier-1 distributors and Tier-2 dealers. Distributors and dealers will have different price and incentive plans. In real use the HQ will have even more tiers.


Appreciate for your advice if such modules or functionalities are already available in the community.







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- Matt

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