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architecture question on invoice payment V8

OpenERP Master
- 01/14/2016 23:45:05

Generally Odoo is pretty speedy, I can create sales orders, do delivery, check/force availability, etc pretty quickly.

Paying an invoice is dog slow, even in a fresh database with not more than thousands of records. I can create thousands of sales orders with thousands of sql queries and complex searching, but if you want to pay (proforma_invoice) an invoice, it takes several seconds per document.

Another example, I can import 100,000 sales orders one by one in a day with very complex query, but I couldn't pay those orders in under a week. I could deliver all of them by using force assign and it still run 2-3x faster.

Can an expert, not a jr dev, give me some insight on what is known about why this process takes so long, and are there any python methods that can be improved to fix this performance problem.

Without taking apart line by line, my first assumption is because the system is using very inefficient SQL queries or careless for loops within for loops. IMO this really can affect the scalability of the software if you reach a certain level of paying invoices per day.

Please let me know any details requested.