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Odoo 9c - Accidently "canceled" transfer/receipt of goods, now what?

Kevin Sawyer
- 01/14/2016 13:19:55

Hello Community.  We have encountered an odd situation that seems like it could be fairly common and any/all thoughts are appreciated.


We created a PO, then when it came time to receive the goods, we clicked “Receive Products” but then accidentally clicked “Cancel” before actually receiving anything (no quantities were changed).  The PO will allow us to click “Receive Goods” but then there are no line items.  We can create the line items to be received then receive them, but then the receipts are never reflected on the PO.  This may not officially be a “bug” but it is certainly an annoying liability.  If the PO is not marked as “done” and will still allow “receive products” then it only seems logical that any products received would then be reflected on the PO but they are not.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts,