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Re: Changing product variant after product is received into inventory

- 01/14/2016 10:45:36
Yes, if each grade has a different price I suppose you need to have 
several variants.
Then the simplest I can think of is to have a bit of code to do a 
nightly inventory (output B-grade, input C-grade ; output A-grade, input 
B-grade ; etc.).

But yes you can do it with manufacturing ; especially if you need to be 
able to use A-grade instead of B-grade, MRP can pre-record the 
"manufacturing" of B when it is out of stock, using A as a "raw material".

> My thought was that if I have a manufactured product with a bill of 
> material that requires grade B product, if grade B product is not 
> available, I would like to be able to take a lot of Grade A product, 
> and use it in place of the Grade B product. I would like for a 
> automated job to run in the background that would take the grade A 
> product that I used, and replace it with grade B.