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RE: Changing product variant after product is received into inventory

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 01/14/2016 10:10:41

My quick idea is to add a selection field for grades in stock.production.lot, and change name_get of this model to include the grade so that it will be easy for you to find lots by grade.  Starting from this, maybe you can construct other functions for automatically updating this grade field and updating manufacturing orders.



Yoshi Tashiro


From: John Pia Jr []
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2016 10:47 AM
To: Community <>
Subject: Changing product variant after product is received into inventory


Hello all, I'm hoping that somebody can help point me in the right direction.

My company is a large producer of fresh mushrooms. As a producer of a highly vulnerable produce product, oftentimes we receive product as Grade-A product, and due to the nature of mushrooms, if that product sits in inventory for more than 24 hours it is likely that the product has depreciated, that by the time we go to process it and sell it, it has become a Grade-B product.

I am using product variants to manage the different grades on a mushroom. For example my main product is - White Mushrooms, with 3 variants based in the grade (A,B,C)

My question is,  what would the best way to manage the regrading the product to show as Grade-B, after it has already been received and placed into inventory as Grade-A.

We are also using the manufacturing module, which made me think of the following option, which in my opinion is the best option, I'm just not sure if it is possible with odoo.

My thought was that if I have a manufactured product with a bill of material that requires grade B product, if grade B product is not available, I would like to be able to take a lot of Grade A product, and use it in place of the Grade B product. I would like for a automated job to run in the background that would take the grade A product that I used, and replace it with grade B.

Please help me out here.

Thank you in advanced.

- John Pia Jr

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