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Re: access to code under AGPL v3

- 01/14/2016 09:16:22
2016-01-14 12:34 GMT+01:00 Cocopapa <>:
> Interesting to read!
> Most interesting is the still unanswered question of Martin after Fabien
> wrote the following:
>> > 2/ Is it correct that the code to be provided access to, would be only
>> > the modules used publicly on the website (and not a module that is used
>> > internally - only in the backend)?
>> No, you must provide ALL modules. (as they have to be AGPLv3 too)
> It would indeed mean that also Odoo 9 has to be AGPL v.3 Martin as soon as a
> module gets included which is AGPL v.3 and that is usually the case from our
> experience!

This has been discussed for long already.
Here is the bottom line :

Odoo 9 is LGPL.
When you add an AGPL to Odoo 9 it gets AGPL properties, so, you are
correct, All code must be published and no proprietary module like
Enterprise can be used.

BUT, OCA has decided, as a shared-copyright holder of all OCA AGPL
modules to allow proprietary modules along with OCA AGPL modules with
Odoo 9, provided the dependency between proprietary and AGPL is not
explicitly documented in of the proprietary module ;-).

That means for me that OCA grants the permission for license violation
on all OCA AGPL modules. I think they can. It is unclear to me if
authors can enforce the AGPL when they share the copyright with OCA.

as IANAL, I think there is place for interpretation and legal risk, so
on my hosting servers, SISalp forbids any proprietary  module if an
AGPL module is installed. But I don't know if someone else made the
same choice up to now.

> Fabien you seem to be knowledgeable with AGPL v.3 perhaps you can explain
> that a bit more. Thanks!
> Cori
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