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Re: Pay Invoice with Refund Invoice

Carlos Contreras
- 01/13/2016 13:13:23
Dear Ray

It worked all right

Thank you so much.

El 13/01/16 a las 10:51, Ray Carnes escribió:
<blockquote cite="mid:003c01d14e22$a7aa1050$f6fe30f0$" type="cite">

1.       Create and validate a REFUND Invoice.

2.       Create a payment for $0 that allocates the full amount of the refund to reconcile the full amount of the Invoice.


From: Carlos Contreras []
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 8:33 AM
To: Community <>
Subject: Pay Invoice with Refund Invoice


Dear Community

We face this use case:

The customer received the product ( furniture ), we make the invoice and delivery the furniture. The customer received and check that the furniture was not the color requested.
So our mistake, so the customer will not pay the invoice he will keep it so we need:

Mantain the invoice as paid makin a Refund that pays this invoice.

On another system we had the posibility to pay an invoice with a refund invoice.

Which is the best form to solve this on OpenERP 7?


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