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Negative Quants.

Nhomar Hernandez
- 01/11/2016 12:50:56
Hello Community.

One operative question?

Which is the use cases where a quant can have negative values "Without the ability of force abailability"?

Do you have some use cases, because I am facing some issues where with ACL we blockd any posibility of force availability but I am facing such negative quants, we have deliver on 3 steps process enabled and always between pack and delivery it is being so frequent.

I just want to open a little conceptual discussion because from My PoV we have 2 types of customers:

1.- The ones that fix their inventories periodically and for them it is not important have incorrect quants (frequently th little ones).

2.- The ones that trust in the software locks to avoid user errors, it means the system should say "You can not do 'this' because of 'that'" and then they fix operationally the errors in order to be able to deliver. (enable some stock, nable some MO or some purchase) but they expect consistency on values.

- For the case 2 (the one we have) there is an easy way to block such inconsistencies?
- Do you have some use case where a negavite quant have sense and is auditable?.

For me the new stock model even if is very efficient in terms of speed for total, has become more and more in Pain in the..... in terms of auditory, because when you find this kind of errors is almost impossible to track down the origin (at least with the knowledge I have now).

That is the reason I open this discussion.

Thanks in advance community.

@fp @qdp if you think you can share your thoughts here it shoudl really helpfull in order to not open some issues either on Github or under enterprise.


Saludos Cordiales

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