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Re: V8 - Inventory date

- 01/11/2016 06:53:12
This is a very old bug/misfeature which we've been trying to fix since v5.

We almost got it fixed in the v8 WMS, but at the last moment Quantin changed his mind and reverted the fix in favor of a "realistic" date-of-today. When I asked him about it at the following Odoo days he didn't remember the details and just dropped a "I think Fabien insisted it must be this way".
The saga is documented on Launchpad :

Here are a few relevant comments:

After a long debate it was fixed
qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) wrote :

Ok, following improvements have been merged in trunk-wms (revision 9596.) :
- if there are no conflicting moves, compute the stock difference at and insert the stock moves at the same date.
- indicate the conflicting moves BEFORE we start the inventory
- forbid all stock moves on the impacted locations during an inventory (product, owner, lot...)

thanks for your inputs, guys

But then it was undone:
Lionel Sausin - Numérigraphe (lionel-sausin) wrote : Re: Please keep blocking moves during inventory counting

Le 09/04/2014 15:39, De Paoli Quentin a écrit :
> (...)i don't know if you noticed but we decided to use the inventory
> post date for the move dates because that's reflect more the reality.
> There will be a way to force the accounting period for the valuation
> entries.
So, that means you've re-introduced Bug #915568 "Wrong dates used when
confirming stock inventory"?

This bug is not only about accounting entries, it's about WMS too:
- posting the stock moves later is sure to put someone in fiscal trouble
because the accounting and stock levels do not match at the end of the
fiscal year - some tax controllers are very picky about this
- it's so much more convenient for WMS managers to have the adjusted
quantities at the date of the inventory - this date at least they remember.

qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) wrote :

well indeed, this bug is either half fixed either half not-fixed, depending on the way you look at it.

Anyway, if you think "won't fix" is a status reflecting more the reality then let's g for it.

For your easiness to make a module to change this behavior, i'm wondering: could you just overwrite post_inventory() of stock.inventory and make a write on stock move to change their 'date' field (after it has been set to done)? The only "issue" i oversee is that the accounting entries will have the date set to the day you pushed the button, which can't be seen anymore on the stock moves, but you can still force the period or make a write on the journal items too... well i think it should work. What do you think?

Changed in openerp-trunk-wms:
status: Fix Released → Won't Fix