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Re: [Promotion] - New Year Discount on Odoo themes at 73lines/shop

Andi Becker
- 01/08/2016 20:18:47
Hi Martin

Relevant is not what you state. Also Odoo S.A. has to follow the GNU GPL rules.

As i said already as long as you would split the part of a theme which contains the whatyou call "artistic work" into a seperate but not amodule part you are right. But as long as you pack that artisitic part into a module which links to a library to get i.e. uploaded to get working etc or to call i.e. products you are linking to libraries of ODOO which are AGPL or LGPL and therefor the module even when it contains a Theme has to be AGPL LGPL too.

Again Relevant is NOT what YOU or What ODOO S.A. considers and makes decision what is AGPL or LGPL etc but what is simply written down in the licenses it self and also you , all others and especially ODOO S.A. has to follow them. 

The same way like Fabien just wrote in another post about following licenses if you publish a Module or anything in ODOO Version 8 whichis AGPL. As soon as one part is AGPL the complete work has to be made available! - also ODOO Version 9 if that is the case.

I really don't understand why people who want to sell their themes not simply develop an uploader which will be a module under AGPL or LGPKL or even GPL which uploads all "artisitc work" as a separate piece.

Have a look to all Themeforest Themes and read their licenses.

ALL module parts all parts which link to i.e. wordpress are GNU GPL v.2 even they have been offered via Themeforest and all html templates and the css and js which does not link have other licenses.

In wordpress those parts get simply separated.

By the way in TYPO3 we have the similar situation like in ODOO as also here many THEMES are actually modules and all of them are GNU GPL v.2 as you can see in the TYPO3 TER.

People who want to sell there THEMES's artisitc work for money simply use an uploader like i.e. the company if20 is doing at TYPO3. 

ALL ODOO Themes which have been published right now are Modules even they contain artisitic work and therefor have to be considered AGPL and LGPL in Version 9 if no other GPL license which can be combined with LGPL or GPL has been stated.

Please follow the GNU licenses and gve a good example instead of always making and interpreting your own rules and trying to make people believe them! If somebody wants to build his theme on an ODOO theme Module he can do that. If a hoster gets asked to publish the source code to an ODOO Theme Module of Odoo Version 8 he has to publish the code and has to give access to it and those who download or build their own themes on that code can simply do that and even resell that piece again i.e. in the ODOO store if you allow them to do (what is currently the case)

Split the artisitc work into a separate Package, hold that package in a separate repository, don't put it into the addons path - for example put it like most other CMSsystems aredoing it into a Template or Themes or even call it "artistic_work" directory and than people can put there the html css js and even reoprts artistic work .