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Re: [Promotion] - New Year Discount on Odoo themes at 73lines/shop

Andi Becker
- 01/08/2016 08:49:48
Hi Vicky

As your themes are linking to AGPL/LGPL libraries under which License did you publish your Themes? Those Themes have to be published under a GPL LIcense in - Version 8 under AGPL.

Therefore your 
  1. Can I distribute, re-distribute, re-release the theme or any of it’s modules ? 
is wrong and a GPL license violation! - could you please remove this point and or change it to the correct one according to GPL.


If you would SPLIT your THEMES especially those using the shop features into 

1. a THEME Uploader module under GNU GPL License which would upload only the css, js and html (this won't get distributed with the upload modules itself!)
2. you would provide all stuff which links to Odoo libraries as a module under GNU GPL License, 

than it would be OK.

Than you could restrict users from using the css or js or html in other sites similar to what is happening with Themes at Themeforest etc.

But as long as you distribute your Theme as a module it has to be under a GNU GPL License and therefor can be distributed freely!

By the way if you would set it under AGPL License than you would also benefit from future enhancements of your themes made by others!

As long as the copyright notice does not get removed, it is actually OK to copy and (re)distribute the Themes in its current form for any amount or even for free.