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Re: Using Mysql as database system manager instead of postgresql for Odoo

Andi Becker
- 01/06/2016 22:57:11
Thanks for the input Fabien

ERP5 started in 2002 and has actually a very high security standard. It is GNU GPL and often used in eGovernment and security critical industries.
But setting up ERP5 is a real headache as many components need to be brought together to make it like it should be. Here ODOO and mostly actually ERPNext is way ahead of them. Same is concerning the web module. I think the time when they started developing those ERP Systems plays a real role. 

Older Systems try to keep their backward compatibility while newer system simply don't have to look at being compatible with old stuff. 

If companies would update regularly and invest more in maintaining their systems than all this backward compatibility stuff could be simply kicked out.

Odoo has similar problems with that as still many systems of customers are running on OpenERP6 and even before. As long as they are internal systems this might be OK but since ODOO 7 where real online and web components have been added to ODOO this philosophy to never change a running system might be a dead end system for customers too.

In our days it is important IMHO that companies check out the roadmap of a system and how it might get developed in the next (at least 3-5 years)