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Odoo community v9 im_chat (instant messaging) addon - is it working?

Nagy Géza [Oregional]
- 01/06/2016 12:20:01

I am new to this list, sorry if this has been asked before.

A client would like to use Instant Messaging (addon called im_chat) to enable chatting among users

It is not in the v9 community package

I can't find it here:
Also not here:
But it is still here:
Also can be downloaded from here:

I dowloaded from the appstore and installed it, but it is not working ("Error: QWeb2: Template 'im_chat.ImTopButton' not found")

It is advertised (, so I guess it should still work

Maybe not ported to v9?

If so, can someone point me to what to do to get it working?

Any hints appreciated,

Nagy Géza

Oregional Kft./Ltd.