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Re: What happened to workflow in Odoo 9 ?

axxelia GmbH & Co.KG, Markus Menner
- 01/06/2016 05:56:20

Sorry, I just subscribed to the mailing list, so I can’t answer to the original thread, but I’m sure that the right people will receive my message anyway ;-)

It’s an important question (see subject).

From our perspective and experience, having some kind of workflow engine is essential!

We do a lot of process optimization consulting and we use the BPMN standard to create or models.
In order to implement IT systems, you have to understand the business processes and optimize them upfront, before the implementation.
Processes come first and then the IT.

Without a process engine, it would be impossible to implement real process based solutions.

It’s a brilliant web based tool, to model, simulate and execute processes (together with Effektif).

For some of our (Java-based) projects we use activiti (, which is a standalone BPMS (and which is fun to use, by the way) that we integrated in our applications (Manufacturing Execution System, or MES that extends Odoo by implementing Shop Floor Control and Scheduling).

I hope that the the Workflow Engine (simple state machine) inside Odoo will NOT disappear, or event better that maybe the Odoo guys integrated a standard BPMS that is based on BPMN, because:
- BPMN is THE standard for process modeling, simulation and execution
- the ability of steering business cases through such process models is essential for any type of business system, if you want to implement systems that support process oriented organizations

Best regards,

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