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Re: Using Mysql as database system manager instead of postgresql for Odoo

Andi Becker
- 01/05/2016 09:56:02
Hi Ermin

What are you actually afraid of? Contributions are not at all a measure for anything. Especially not modules. if it were like that than perhaps many people would simply run away from Odoo as they get frustrated installing things i.e. which are marked for 9.0 and even available in the Odoo store but not at all working. Or when writing to people who post their modules in the Odoo store and not even get an answer. Those are experiences people have who than quite often actually contact us to get more informations and help about a system and who like to get training - this is actually our main purpose.

If you write about people you should never underestimate their knowledge or connections and if you are a serious business person you would simply refrain from writing things like that:

"then I understand that you failed in your job providing a serious service/consulting and Odoo/Business solution offering."

In German we say: Man sollte nie von sich selbst auf andere schliessen!

Have you ever thought about that also your customers will read that list - actually they do :-) - 
If you want to judge about others than better have a look to their portfolios before writing things like that.

What I realise here on the lists is that there are really some people which are afraid of loosing customers to other CMSs ERPs etc. Have a look to what is written on the other sides too! Soon you will realise that they are much more critical thinking and not at all afraid in loosing any customer to Odoo instead as they know that their system is the best. Using any Software Solution is often also a matter of taste and fortunately tastes are different and if developers and business owners are not narrow minded and only focussing on a single product they also will be more successful IMHO. After over 3 decades in that business and spoken from my experience it is not the goal to get rich in monetary values but to enrich yourself and others with know how you will be able to share to next generations - Inspire to share!

Take a look for example to that page here:
the first thing customers will realise is that they get redirected to even the page is in German Language

check it out and start learning how to do it correct If you want to know how to get also values like we usually have here with about Pagespeed/YSlow 95% and higher than you are welcome to get in contact.

This is usually what we recommend to customers which come to us with their "online presentation" problems.
The main Problems are usually Bad Server maintenance and awful server settings no optimized postgres (in case of Odoo) or no use of a really good and simple to setup .htaccess rules with most apache web applications i.e. no gzip compression enabled etc. Unnecessary redirects or even worst imageries without lossless compression, and a seo value which is near to zero. All things which should be common sense how to do it since years?

But now have a look over the Odoo Fence to other systems and compare.

so why are you afraid? Simply take the chance contact the customer and sell him your system.

this market is a huge market and unfortunately mostly you won't find Odoo in one of those lists.

But Odoo has really nice systems too, the integrated ones and the extended versions for the community edition for hotels and restaurants.

and much more.

But still I would recommend customers to make their own choice of the system and therefore we will also provide them in future with valuable informations not only about Odoo but also about other ERP and CMS Systems we are knowledgeable.