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Re: Using Mysql as database system manager instead of postgresql for Odoo

Ermin Trevisan
- 01/05/2016 07:42:49
Well, me thinks I simply can not see whatever way you see (and I'm for
sure no developer).

If you have a potential customer for a serious business solution
offering and this customer cares more about 1 and 1 hosting and whatever
else you repeatedly and long-windedly suppose a customer would care
about instead of improving his business, then I understand that you
failed in your job providing a serious service/consulting and
Odoo/Business solution offering.

My customers at least will not think and don't even know about MySQL or
Postgres or any other technical terms or any hosting provider, they just
simply care about a good business solution which improves their business
and I provide them with a complete SaaS offering.

If you think you should better advise your customers to use ERPnext,
then do it. But if you think you should transform Odoo back to AGPL,
turn it into an ERPnext and whatever will be the next topic on your
list, then please refrain from proselytizing these mailing lists all over.

So far I have not seen any Odoo community contribution of you or your
company and so it is more than difficult for me to take your numerous
and lengthy outpours for serious.


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On 05.01.2016 12:34, Andreas Becker wrote:
> :-)
> You simply see it the way developers like to see it! It is very common
> unfortunately. Unfortunately customers usually are no developers and
> they host usually with one of those great hosting giants like 1 and 1
> and similar one. Most of those giants try to avoid offering postgres. As
> a company you have now the chance to simply try to get the customer
> using Postgres by changing the hoster, mostly one he has been hosting
> since years without any problems etc. or the much easier way is to offer
> them an alternative. At the end the result for you will be enumeration
> and your effort will be much greater enumerated by that customer if you
> get things done right the way, fast and simply understandable and perfect.
> So for customers who stick to MySQL we simply don't start a discussion
> about what DBMS should be used, we simply change the ERP ;-)
> If a customer wants to have MySQL we usually check if the Hoster is
> offering also MariaDB (some already do that but not all) and than
> ERPNext is the first choice. MariaDB offers in its current version
> already encryption which no  other DBMS is doing right now. 
> So this is no argument for a customer to say: Hey Customer why don't you
> wait until Postgres in its upcoming version 10 perhaps offers more
> security that MariaDB already does and than start with Odoo (perhaps it
> is meanwhile Version 10 or Eleven and you don't have to worry about the
> features as they are perhaps less than that ERPNext will offer to you in
> it Community Edition.)
> We prefer to sell the customer instead a stable solution,
> if it is 100% Free Open Source Software without Enterprise special costy
> features even bette
> if there are no future license changes coming up, what has been the case
> with Odoo nearly every 2 years than even much much better.
> Who cares at that point really about the DB's as MariaDB is great and
> Postgres is great - for us even easy. But the customer is actually the
> one giving the goal to reach and what he is willing to pay and how long
> he is willing to wait!
> Usually you really do much better to simply sell them in the cases
> someone sticks to MySQL/MariaDB the most suitable system for that case,
> especially if he wants to have a 100% mobile friendly and really fast
> reacting ERP to. So there is not much other choice than simply using
> ERPNext. You will save a lot of time, a lot of discussion with the
> customers and the customer will have his ERPNext more or less in one
> week time.
> For customers who are willing to invest much more money, for many
> features they perhaps not need in its standard set and who are willing
> to switch a hoster and have time to wait for future releases we still do
> ERP/websites in Odoo too. Both are Python, one with cleaner code and
> even able to be setup by noprogrammers, the other one with many more
> modules and where you really need a developer with experience to get
> through the setup.
> Yes Postgres has documentation as MariaDB and MySQL has too but check
> out Literature which is accessible for customers and they will see
> mostly MySQL ;-). As a programmer you will love Postgres even it is
> getting slower with each version as it is easy like a blackbox you don't
> need to touch at all. but as a customer in a usual use case it still
> will be MySQL / MariaDB which will get the job finally!
> As a company owner you like to get things done and earn money - so why
> waiting at all, when there is already a better, faster, reliable and
> well coded system available and it is 100% really Open Source without
> Enterprise features or commercial costy addons which might cause a
> vendor login in future releases.
> Yes it hurts to hear that postgre is not well documented as if it would
> have been so well documented much more hosters would simply use and even
> prefer!
> Yes there are features in Postgres Odoo is using and there are features
> in MariaDB ERPNext is suing to do actually the same job. Simply don't
> worry about what ERP you are selling to your customer if you can sell
> him an erp at all. And to be honest many NGO Organisations really have a
> Problem with the License Changes of Odoo in the past years and its
> tendency to close source more and more.
> Instead of loosing those customers simply offer them ERPNext and I
> guarantee you that they will be more than happy with it! With all others
> try to improve ODOO Community Version so that they will stay at ODOO
> also in future releases. Also here ERPNext can be a great resource as
> the comparison of MaterialDesign Google and orientation on Apple Apps
> has shown. Those system s learn from each other, copy each other and you
> really do good to simply do the same for the benefit of your customers.
> Andi