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Business case with case and each picking

OpenERP Master
- 01/05/2016 01:45:03

I have been explained a business case and asked if the MRP module would provide the solution by using a BOM, possibly a manufacturing order.

My response was that this is not a manufacturing business or process so the MRP module would be overkill and add unnecessary complication to their instance.

Business Case

Products are purchased only as a CASE uom. A case can have many variations, case of 6, case of 10, etc.

When the product is received, it is received as a case with only the case sku

Products are sold as singles Qty 1 = UOM EA and also sold in varying increments,

example Qty 1 UOM = CASE of 6 = 6 EACH

Inventory is maintained on two skus. One for the case qty and 1 for the single quantity. This is required because of their ecommerce store.

When a customer orders an each, the each sku is decremented

When customer orders a case, the case sku is decremented

If a customer orders eaches and the each sku is depleted or there are no singles available for picking, the worker will break a case converting it into eaches.

What is the best way to support this process. Again, using 1 sku was my recommendation but they are using a third party web platform and it is not negotiable.