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Mass mailing V9 issues

Jean-Baptiste Crouigneau
- 01/04/2016 11:08:55

I’m testing odoo V9 (preparing migration from v8), but I have a few issues with mass mailing module (already posted on forum but no convincing answer).

What we are used to do with v8 is :
1- Create a mail template (applied to partners)
2- Marketing -> Create Mass Mailing
3- Recipient = Customer
4- Click Design email button : can select and use the custom templates

With v9, when I create a new mailing, I have no other choice than select a theme (working with community edition, so only default theme) and then design the mail from scratch. I can’t find a way to use the mailing templates.

I found a workaround from contacts : I select contacts and choose Action « Send mail ». This way, I can use the templates, but even if I select a Mass Mailing Campaign, this mailing is not linked to the campaign (no stats in the mass mailing campaign, 0 mail sent).

Don’t know if this behavior is on purpose, but mass mailing is quite useless if we can’t use templates (when still able to create them from mass mailing interface).

Any help is welcomed.

Best regards,

Jean-Baptiste CROUIGNEAU
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