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Forecasting using Machine Learning methods

Chris Jones
- 12/30/2015 19:24:32
I'd like to build a module for demand forecasting that uses neural networks, SVM (Support Vector Machines) or some similar machine learning algorithm. 

The idea would be that you could select in the web interface which objects you wanted to be data points (input) and what you want the output to be (Sales for January 2016, Demand for Product A, etc). 

The thing that makes it powerful is that any data set in ERP could be used, it could be 15 different objects and the algorithm would find associations and correlations that we couldn't intuitively on our own. In my head I can handle 3 dimensions of data that might impact Sales, but my brain will start to turn into mush by 5, let alone 15. 

The module could also let the user specify which module they want to try and possibly upload or specify some data to test against to see which specific algorithm works best. 

I've been doing some work with other machine learning algorithms in C# for a robotics project but I'm still a bit new to it. I know there are some great Python machine learning libraries out there. 

Is anyone interested in this? Thoughts? 

Chris Jones
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