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Re: What happened to workflow in Odoo 9 ?

Houssine BAKKALI
- 12/29/2015 08:41:27
Processmaker is not just a workflow engine it's a BPMN modeler and a BPM engine which is quiet different and quiet another business than a ERP. We can't expect Odoo to give such tool for some obvious reasons. But enhancing the workflow engine or build a new one makes sense in the Odoo context...

So sometimes a mid-size company need to integrated their existing tools with a new one like Odoo and this is why i think you have some company that integrated processmaker with Odoo

2015-12-29 12:16 GMT+01:00 Cocopapa <>:
Actually you should have a look on those prices too!

And as Odoo promotes the one solution for all approach why should it benefitial to give customers back what they had actually before Odoo. 3- many applications only to achieve the same goal like they could have already right now with the stuff which is in Odoo community edition - if it stays in there and perhaps get improved a bit.

It is no real solution processmaker for people who use AGPL Opensource 

  • No patch upgrades available for migration to new releases
  • No software fixes or patches provided
  • No workflow templates 
  • No enterprise features
  • No support or indemnification
This actually shows that Processmaker again is actually only a worm on the fishing root to get hold of big paying customers and glue them on the enterprise red carpet like Odoo is trying to do it to more and more.

The sense of Open Source Software seems to be gone unfortunately.

Looking to our customers they would prefer an integrated workflow instead of an external solution!

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