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Re: What happened to workflow in Odoo 9 ?

Nhomar Hernandez
- 12/27/2015 22:54:16

2015-12-27 20:48 GMT-06:00 Antony Lesuisse <>:
All of them are trivial they advance state in a linear fashion from one step to the next. So if we remove them we might remove the workflow engine (not decided yet). There are no plan to move workflow from community to enterprise it will either stay in community or be fully removed.

Just as a comment.

I can liv without workflows (which I am absollutly sure is a huge step back) but only if they are replaced by a lot of unit tests, they where like a dam for the river of shit that the flows receive in extreme developments brings with them.

We can not continue "improving" worlflows in an orthogonal or whatever you say, but you must considere the huge use cases that will be broken for such improvements, thn with such changes between versions it is mandatory have the correct unittesting.

Then IMHO workflow by unittests with documented use cases, if not, then let the workflows be.... for god :-(

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Nhomar Hernandez