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Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Jay Vora
- 12/27/2015 01:46:20

Andreas has explained quite well and kudos to him for it.

To learn in depth functional and techncal, there are various Youtube videos and the provide a very good guide when you love to read and learn.

For The Listen, Watch and Learn technique, we've released a few videos which have been widely appreciated:
1. Online Self-paced Odoo Technical Training
4. Online Self-paced Odoo v9 Administration Training.

Hope these help.


On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 8:05 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
Hi Mansur

As you write you have a server. Install Odoo and all its requirements on that server i.e. using Andre Schenkels or one of those modified scripts based on that script. Its is an very easy way and it is working.

Use Odoo 9 and don't waste time in Odoo 8 as you would like forward and not backward I guess if all of you are jobless.

You need actually only one Odoo installation.

If you have 10 people split up the group in groups of 2-3 people so that at the end you have at least 3 companies and 1 branch of one of the companies.

Company A = Headquarter (Main Company of Team A)

this company A will have a Branch B of A = It gets managed by Team B and is located at least virtually in another city/location (This Branch will be integrated into the Odoo DB of Team A as a Dependency Branch of A. 

Company C = It is another company run by Team B which is running in the same DB as the one of Team A so you can test and learn about the multicompany features of Odoo.

Company D = It is another company which is run on its own Database but in the same Odoo Installation. This way you can also learn about how to run multiple databases from one Odoo Installation.


We here usually set up a proxy to be able to work with real domain names for each company, especially as all of them should have their own websites.

TEAM A - will build a website for their Headquarter with all features needed for it. i.e. Blog, Jobboard, Products, events etc. and of course it will have also links to the websites of their Branch(es) run i.e. by Team B

TEAM B - will have a website which is mainly a shop or restaurant or hotel etc. as they want to sell the products/services they are offering. Here you can integrate also the POS System for the Branch B (if your team is bigger you can have also more Branches, which makes "playing and testing togester a lot of more fun)

TEAM C - has also it's own company website, they could be i.e. a manufacturer delivering goods

TEAM D - has its own website and actually Team D could even be the demo Data Company of Odoo, which will give you already lots of example Data. It will be its own company who want to do business with Campany A, C and the Branch B.


Beside this we usually setup for each team another Database instance (company) with its own domain name where the Team can test simple things. We run all those test instances with the demo data which Odoo is providing. Those instances can be used to learn how to get sending mails, modifying the website, changing some reports etc can be done. They usually work quite good with the tutorials you can find in the internet on multiple places. For your teams you could setup also a packtpublish account where they would have access to the 2 books out there.


By the way if you have a vocational college or university at your place go and ask them if they provide you a place to run that setting. Here in Thailand we have multiple institutions which even support things like that! I guess it could be the same in Indonesia. Here in Thailand we have Vocational Colleges, Universities, a Software Industry Promotion Agency, the Board of Investment, the Educational Ministries for schools and Universities which I would simply contact and setup a project with them. If you write a great project proposal this could give you all a job ;-). 

As the best way of learning something is actually teaching about the same subject, you only would need to be a little bit a head of the learners you are teaching. This also could help to multiply the interest on Odoo itself and best of all, with the backing of an Educational Institution you could be eligible for the ODOO Educational Program which is actually free and you don't have to worry about all the system maintenances.

Depending on the qualifications your team has Odoo will give nearly everyone a vital part in the virtual Odoo Universe of your Virtual Odoo Setting.

System Administrators:
They can learn and teach about how to run Odoo instances and maintain the system. They need and than can transfer a lot of know how to others about Operating System, and all its parts

They could learn and teach how to modify and create new modules. It will be a lot about programming with python.

Project Managers: 
Well they can learn and teach about Methods how to successfully manage projects using i.e. scrum, etc.

Odoo Admin:
Those don't need to be python developers but it would be good if they would have a basic know how about a server, and the structure of Odoo and also about Database management. They will later need to maintain the system from within Odoo,  run Backups, setup cron jobs, managing user rights etc.

As Odoo provides you with a ton of modules you can now use for each module acttualy one or more people learning about how it is done in Odoo and teaching this to others.

A real Accountant can learn about Accounting in Odoo and transfer this know how to students which learn about accounting

People from the Hospitallity Industry could run Restaurants or Hotels in the same way.

And there is much much more. All of those people don't need to have a programming background but they should be knowledgeable in the subject of the module.

A perfect place actually to start teaching with Odoo in how to run a business the "western" way (I would say) is to start with students from a secondary school. Let even communicate several secondary schools or classes with their companies with each other. 

Let them write a daily report about what they were doing so you will have also a great feedback for yourself.


I wish you all the best as Odoo is actually a really nice too to transfer know how to other people and to help them to find their own way even with Odoo themselves.


With kind regards,
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On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 5:28 AM, Mansur <> wrote:
Dearest  Odoo Team,

I would like to learn Odoo  with 10 of my friends and after that share 
Odoo in Indonesia. How could I learn Odoo ? Could I install Odoo and all 
its moduls in my server and than I  and my friends try by building 
virtual company. We ar.e all jobless but eager to learn fucntionalities 
of Odoo.
Thank you for your kindness.

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