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Re: Odoo Implementation Survey

Andi Becker
- 12/21/2015 20:38:40
Hi Fabien

Thanks for the survey, you should add another point here to enter what were the problems

8. Based on your 3 latest lost deals. Who's your biggest competitor?*

best would be a text-field to enter the reason

right now you have :

The customer don't buy anything
Another Odoo Partner
Another Proprietary ERP

This reflects your wishes I would say but missing is simply

Another Free Open Source Project

-- And than it could be the price
-- The Functionality (this was one reason here as the website builder had no real multidomain capability as Footer and Header stuff did not change easily to manage on different domain) 
-- The extensiblity
-- The missing accessbility od Odoo (this was it in 2 cases i.e,. with us)
-- and 2 others had problems with the Odoo License changes and they did not trust that not another change will happen in future again.


The church which actually liked the system a lot - especially the website builder and the fact they were able to do even their accounting and sales with pos in it made them really interested but finally they went to do it again in TYPO3 as they had to manage 400 communities and all of them with their own website and domain. They now continue their 3 systems for doing their internal stuff, the website and ecommerce stuff and for the local "shops/markets" they have in their church communities (no POS is that but they really liked that).

One NGO and on what would count to kind of Officials Project hat problems with the missing Accessibility which is simply a must in Germany for official projects. They took again the governmental package of TYPO3. One also had problems with the License and was afraid that code got shared which should not be shared in AGPL (V8) and in LGPL they did not like the fact that code can be used in commercial projects where they won't have any access anymore.


Another problem what was existing which than became customers is the server requirements. Customers often beliebe Odoo can run anywhere - especially they believe it can anywhere on a managed server but unfortunately this is often not the case. So it is a Technical reason why they probably choose another solution as they are - what I would say - addicted to their cheap mass hosters like "1 und 1" "Hetzner Managed Server" "Strato" etc.


Greetings Andi