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Re: Brazil localization

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 12/21/2015 12:48:19
Hello Samuel,

Brazil is ranked among the country with the most complex fiscal bureaucracy... Nearly no foreign ERP makes it into Brazil SMB market because of this reason... So well we did what we could... After 6 years of tireless work, It works pretty well now with the ~30 localization modules for a half million USD worth of code though...

The reason it's so modular is because we wanted to preserve Odoo modularity: that is keep it simple and minimal for a company who needs only CRM or only warehouse management, or only project management... It allows us to work efficiently in these niche markets and grow from there.

Basically, If you need to comply with electronic invoicing (NFe's) for products, well you are screwed and you need it all (except may be the CRM if you don't need the CRM). If you need service electronic invoices only, then there are some modules being done and it's going to be a little easier than for products but it's being implemented and it may need adaptations city by city.

If you need two localizations in the same ERP instance it isn't going to be simple with Brazil because of the amount of customizations. And generally it will work better with several instances exchanging messages between them.
That being said we do have several ideas to make multi-localizations possible (would require a few patches in the core). If your really want this please contact us. The basic idea is to have one parent python process per localization with the same database but two addons-path differents, a few hacks can make this work smoothly.

Also at Akretion we implemented several transnational companies in Brazil (such as or ), our team also speaks French and English fluently so feel free to drop us an email for an implementation.


On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 3:04 PM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:
Hi Samuel,

You should ask to Raphael Valy from akretion they are the authors of the brazilian localization. From what I've understood it's everything exept trivial.

2015-12-21 17:53 GMT+01:00 Samuel Lefever <>:

Hello Community,

Does someone knows which modules are mandatory for the localization for Brazil in v8?
I see a lot of different modules modifying even the CRM so I m not sure of what to install.

In the same way, I m trying to install Belgian accounting on the side of Brazil localisation.
Any comments about that?

Regards and thanks in advance ;-)

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