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Re: Issue Account with new database

- 12/21/2015 10:28:37
Hi Jordi,

I have seen 2 persons reporting issues about data dates of accounting modules. someone requested to make update to your Odoo modules, i think fixes are already available.

But if it didn't work, and it's not really related to your issue, it seems that a demo_data in "demo/account_demo.xml" is made in the wrong way trying to create wrong periods of a fiscal year, or it's not wrong but it's not respecting your DB date format.

Youness MAAFI

2015-12-21 15:22 GMT+00:00 Jordi Riera <>:
Hey list,

Hope Santa will be generous with you all!

He came with an early present to me ;)
I am working on a website based on the CMS of odoo (

Silly me, I am trying to develop a TDD philosophy so then I am working to set up unittests on travis. But I am facing now like a wall as I got an internal error coming from odoo itself:

Field(s) `date_stop` failed against a constraint:

Error! The period is invalid.
Either some periods are overlapping or the period's dates are not matching the scope of the fiscal year."
while parsing /home/travis/build/cgstudiomap/cgstudiomap/main/parts/odoo/addons/account/demo/account_demo.xml:30, near
more details at

As context: it is a fresh db, created on the fly by the server the test purposes.
The arguments to launch the instance are -i main -d travis --enable-test (main is the main module that has dependecies to all the required modules, travis is the name of the database created on the fly). I am not really savvy in account and the account module.

Would anyone have faced the same issue? would have guide line how to fix it?
Best Regards!

- Jordi Riera, Connecting Softwares and people.
Founder at, Because everyone should be familiar with the cg industry

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