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Re: ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!

Luke Branch
- 12/20/2015 04:45:26

Please stop including me in your licensing debates, I want nothing to do with you or whatever nonsense project you're trying to organise.

I forked the design-themes repository that was publicly available on before the release of Odoo 8.0 as did many other people. The theme_clean module was working with early development versions of Odoo 8 before it was released, however the code was incompatible with the final 8.0 release.

I removed the repository out of respect for Fabien and the themes campaign and have since deleted the original pre Odoo 8.0 design-themes modules as I had no use for them when I received my copy of the theme_clean module from the campaign.

I would have needed to rewrite the module to be compatible with current Odoo 8.0, and this is something I simply don't have time to do. I never modified any licenses, I simply forked the public respository to learn how to develop themes in Odoo 8.0.

I will not be posting the code back online out of respect for Odoo SA and Fabien, you can talk directly to them if you would like access to that code. It is pointless emailing the community mailing list to get answers from Odoo, just email them directly.

Again, please stop using my name in your licensing debates. Learn to develop on Odoo, create your own code and then you can do whatever you want with it instead of wasting your time with these relentless debates and conspiracy theories on a subject you clearly know so little about.

On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 4:40 PM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
I'm sorry, English is a foreign language for me, and I cannot read such long contributions.
My input here was not about discussing any of your points, but to confirm an information someone wrote here.
The output is that this information was not the one I hoped.
Then I go back to my business.

2015-12-20 1:33 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:
Thanks Dominique and give feedback about what they answered here in that Thread so that also others know what is actually going on.

Nhomar, your answers actually are focussed on making money and getting jobs instead of answering the questions. 

IMHO the Enterprise Edition is quite clearly defined in the Enterprise Odoo License. Everyone and every company should be aware of this and even it is a very short license they should read it until the end. Customers I asked to have a look also to the Enterprise Editions were all very concerned about what will happen if they stop the subscription and finally decided to stay with the community edition and better pay for development in the extra needs they have. Some found developers who are partners and have access to the Enterprise Edition and they seem to be quite happy with the community edition and the so called rewritten Enterprise stuff for Community Edition purposes and since Version 9 is no more AGPL they not even have to share it.

Odoo is a small investment if you compare it to the data you fill into Odoo. Compared to this the Odoo system appears like being  a little bit of pocket money more or less. Therefore and investment into additions to the Version 9 LGPL Versions are worth doing it, they argue.

I don't think that you can't get back your data, you can always keep a backup etc, but the Enterprise Version Software seems to make your data perhaps unaccessible by Enterprise special features. Perhaps someone (i.e. one of the Partners) could simply test it. 

Take the demo content from Odoo Community Edition and fill it into the Enterprise Edition. Than fill in also data which is available by modules which are available only by the Enterprise Edition. Do come calculations, statistics, reports etc., than export it again and load it again into the community edition. Finally have a look what is still there and what not and if you are even capable to move the data such easily without manual need to adjust the database again to the community edition.

If the move back is working I would not call it Vendor Login, than you are free to subscribe and cancel at any time and only those Enterprise feature data might be lost if you don't take care for it as the modules needed for those Enterprise features are perhaps only working in Enterprise Edition. To get also this done take Nhomars advise and hire an Odoo Partner who is able to access both - Enterprise and Community Edition and let him rewrite the Enterprise Functionality for the Community Version. If this is done it would be even nice and less complicated for others to move back if he would share his module than with the community.

If you have a look to the grafic Odoo had shared once that the core is actually LGPL in both versions and so are also many modules, some even AGPL. I am not sure but I think they can not change these licenses to be all Odoo Enterprise Edition Licenses. For sure they could do this for all newly written and added stuff for Odoo Enterprise. Therefore the license text is quite confusing, which they write in their license Agreement.

So both worlds could live together in a nice symbioses. Odoo could develop new features with there stuff which are often based on community feedback and Odoo Partners could rewrite them for the community Edition to bring back Freedom.

And Dominique you are absolutely sensing the right as nobody knows actually the correct answers since many years already.

For all customers and potential customers reading here to (I know there are some) it would also for us developers here a great help if you would also ask the same questions to Odoo before you sign a contract with the Enterprise Edition! And it would be nice if you could share your discovering also here. Thanks. IMHO there is no real need for an Enterprise Subscription as most of it can also be achieved with the Community Edition and this without probably any vendor login mechanisms. It is really worth (and IMHO much much cheaper) to invest in an additional development of your needed functionality and you do good to add an GPLv.3 License or AGPL v.3 License to it to make sure that Odoo can't use your additional effort for the Community Edition in a closed sourced product!

If you don't want to share your code more or less by default than put it under GPL v.3, if you want to benefit also from developments your competitors might integrate into your GPL Version after they got access or even found a release in one of the many repositories from a customer of you than better put it under AGPL v.3 License, but try to avoid 100% to put it under LGPL v.3 License as this code does not need to be shared like AGPL AND it can be integrated into closed source where you won't have any access anymore, which than would give your competitors a huge advantage as they save all the time and money you have already invested in setting the module up (which mostly even includes your ideas ;-))

Promote Inspire to share by giving your developing back to the community which ensures you also that your module probably gets further developed much faster, bugfixes will be discovered much faster and security problems you might not have found might be found and fixed by developers of the community. In other words, in giving back your investment in an Enterprise like module but which is made for the Community Edition under GLP or AGPL License and NOT under LGPL license will ensure you also a security for future investments and data security without any vendor login.

Use Free Open Source Software, Know what is going on in your software, Contribute with your ideas and feedbacks (even as non programmer and as simple odoo user - give feedback) and for sure you will find developers responding to it from the community. This is the sense of FLOSS.

Be Open. Be Free. Be Happy!

With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Con un cordial saludo,
с сердечным приветом,


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On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 6:48 AM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
Thank you Nhomar,

you so clearly confirm that your understanding is the opposite of Eric's one.

As you are both very well positioned to be the ones who know, then, until I get an official/contractual statement from Odoo, I'll assume that nobody knows whether or not your data are locked in when you don't renew Enterprise contract.

Let's go ;-)

2015-12-19 20:57 GMT+01:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-12-19 12:43 GMT-06:00 Dominique Chabord <>:
Eric made an assertion of big importance for some customers, you answer 'it is simple' , but at last, I don't know what is simple ;-) but seems you doubt about the fact that you keep functionnal access to your data when you leave Enterprise and you contradict Eric's statement. Don't you ?

Ok, You mentioned "Functional Access" which was not mentioned in your firs question.

Quick answer "Yes" you will have such access to work until you fix your licencinng issue, nothing will block you but it can change.

The point is that if Functionally you do not want continue paying the procedure will be:

1.- Decide that  month before.
2.- Ask for technical knowledge to clean up your data.
3.- MAke tests and so on.
4.- Move to a repository with no enterprise.

But BTW, yes you will have access but you will need to answer the licence infigment in terms of paymnt.


Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez

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