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Odoo Development Essentials book - some issues not found in code or ui

Ogi Vranesic
- 12/19/2015 08:46:26

First I want to thank Daniel Reis for the nice and useful book Odoo Development Essentials.

Now my questions:

On the page 47 is an example with the class User, but unfortunately I could not find this code, especially with partner_id = fields.Many2one... in my odoo installations both version 8 and 9.
This is important to me since I'm trying to make similar model using delegation inheritance, so when its new instance is created must also a partner be created.
Is there some other good example?

On the page 74 is the text explaining how to find the model's External Identifier, but I couldn't find View Metadata option. Instead there is Sequences & Identifiers > External Identifiers, but that help me not so much. Please how can be find model's External Identifier on an easy way?

Thanks very much in advance for an answer and many greetings