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Re: ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!

Andi Becker
- 12/18/2015 19:20:09
:-) nope you're misunderstanding things. and blocking this is just about security and privacy. I hope you do the same with your customers odoo implementation

Yep of course we are doing not providing access to that site as it is mainly only an advertising site of Odoo S.A.. You are right Houssine it is a securiy issue and hackers would like it like an invitation to hack, but they could also find out of other ways what is build in thow. The links for access to the source can be anywhere, but they have to be there! That is the actual point and this is why the info page if you modify it to YOUR needs can be very useful! Nobody actually says that you have to name all modules integrated into your site, but you have to give public access to the source. These are two different things. You can simply open up your repository and provide people access to the sources, i.e. from all your projects and than still the visitor of that repository would need to find what he is looking for and believing that it is in one of your sites. Take the clean theme as an example. When you use it or a derivate (a clean theme which you have modified even only a little) on your site, you need to provide people access to the source. People like you and me and many others.

this is an interpretation your interpretation. you may be right but you may also be wrong. 

This is exactly why it is important to discuss it again and again until it is clear for everybody. Let's see who else has the CleanTheme in his site as an example. Fortunately Odoo has posted all names to each theme. As soon as they get used in Version 8 there should be the source available for everybody. Of course only the source which is inside the Theme Module - which means for all Themes right now the complete Theme.

When you look to the git repositories you can already find lots of Themes there by the way! - yeah we are looking to haha - and it is good to see what is going on but mostly it is an automated process which simply informs you of any changes done.


By the way I checked Google and could not find any proove that all people who EVER contributed to TinyERP, OpenERP or ODOO agreed actually in the license changes - I mean both the one done from GPL v.3 to AGPL v.3 and the one from AGPL v.3 to LGPL v.3

To be honest this discussion could be stopped quite easily by those who tell that there is a proove - simply post the link to it here or send a PM than I will post it. If you don't have that proove, than simply stop trying to make people believing that there is a proove. 

So please Houssine, It looks as if you have or had access to that consent or know where o find it. Please send a link as I can't find it as IMHO there isn't one!

Thanks to those giving me more information which might be the problem with the Christmas Theme license. But if that is really the case than something is totally wrong in the Odoo ECO System as it would mean that EVERYBODY and EVERY COMPANY (your customers) might get problems if they are using a derivate of one of the Themes released by ODOO S.A. - Check out your Theme derivates and on what they are based! I guess most of them are based on one of the Themes provided by Odoo S.A. which you now also could buy in ODOO S.A. Look and feel in the shop. If yu now start distributing your derivate which is the case when you provide others access to it or publish a site with it (ok that might be your customer problems!) than you could get into the same trouble like the one with the Christmas Theme and this can not be! or - what do you think about it?

The default Theme seems to be based on Tree House. Many Themes out there are based on Clean Theme, which was long time free available anyway. Only because ODOO S.A. decided now to release Clean Theme for a very very high price to public to make big money with it, does not allow them to force people to take out there Themes. IMHO anybody else can distribute any of a derivate of those Theme Modules as they are AGPL! and have to be AGPL!

Again IMHO ALL Themes are AGPL as the module building the modules base itself is AGPL and the module is using other AGPL code to get there Themes installed and up and running. Please tell me that I am wrong but Please deliver the PROOVE that I am wrong in my point of view and believing that the AGPL license is still valid for ANY module out there which includes all themes.

In TYPO3 we had also people delivereing non GPL conform code with their Modules and this was not allowed. Since many years now there is a "kickstarter" and an "extension builder" which is nothing else doing than providing a base structure to build a module BUT and this is really good that base structure already includes the License Disclaimer and since then nobody complained or got such discussions, as they are simply not necessary at all. 

The same actually the Odoo call for creating a module base should provide beside the base structure. If this would be the case than also ALL modules all templates all modified report forms etc. would have that disclaimer by default in their module and won't be without any license in Public Domain! as most of extended Modules and also most Themes actually are!


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On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 10:22 PM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:

2015-12-18 16:03 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:

On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 9:06 PM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:
discussion have been done by OCA. not on the theme but about the odoo relicencing it has been talked about

Hi Houssine

Could you please send me the link to that discussion(s) So I can read them if they are new to me - could be that I missed some Threads. Thanks, this would be very helpful!

just ask google as i don't have the time to do it for you. OCA made a blog post for it if i remember 

You guessed wrong. Our customers always get the sources of what we provide. Thet do whatever they want with it. I hope it's clear.
Stop arguing what you don't know of. Our customer receive the code even without asking for it. 

AGPL is actually not about your customers! It is about the community of all (public), which means the community should have access to it.

we are integrators it means we implement odoo for our customers and the customers are the only users of the implementations. nobody exept them have access to the system
The AGPL license, on the other hand, treats deployment of websites and services as “distribution”, and compels anyone using the software to run a service to also distribute the modified source code. Not so difficult with odoo actually as it is more or less build in and you would only need to extend your info page with the links to the additional modules you are using.

compare the differences and if now those links would belinks to the sourcecode everything would be fine and according to AGPL.

nope you're misunderstanding things. and blocking this is just about security and privacy. I hope you do the same with your customers odoo implementation

For example, you can make GPL and non-GPL code communicate through a database, web services, or APIs. But the moment you call GPL code directly, your code must be put under the GPL.

And this is the case when a Theme gets even installed. It is calling the odoo code as otherwise it would not install.

this is an interpretation your interpretation. you may be right but you may also be wrong.

Besides being a socially responsible businessman, you should also know that giving the code you have had developed to the open source community for free can also be the right thing to do financially. If you are not profiting directly from that code, it's rarely smart to hang onto it.
The community will go forward with the development anyway. Their next release will have nice new features, bug fixes, and better security. If you have kept your code secret, you will be the one who pays (in money or in time) for the integration of that secret code into their new releases. Or integrating their security fixes into your code. Both get messy quick, even with the help of state-of-the-art version control systems (that you should be using for every project, but that's another article.)


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