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Re: ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!

Andi Becker
- 12/18/2015 07:50:57
Hi Houssine.

Please take your own words and plese don't hijack the Christmas Theme thread and instead post your stuff about licensing here. It would be nice to hear your point of view here if you have one.
in the Thread I opened extra about Licensing only! (mainly about licensing of Themes) 

------- now the answer to your post mentioned above ----

Houssine sorry to say but you are having a very ignorant point of view and are ignoring important facts of Freedom!

Actually I don't know who you are, if you are an Odoo Partner, OCA member or what's however.

I was doing my internship at the Waterloo Montessori School just around and near your place. Since then and already before we focused on social projects and we promoted Free Open Source Software. I met Richard Stallman personally and am fascinated from his ideas and way of doing his things. Without him we perhaps would not have those GPL Licenses at all, but he loves Freedom and I love Freedom too and I hope you too.

The for Freedoms of Free Open Source Software are:

A program is free software if the program's users have the four essential freedoms:
  • The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0).
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).
  • The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
It is simply not done with staring on other repositories but we need real facts to make sure that licenses get respected.

Check the mailinglist and you will see Threads from people like i.e. Luke and others which have been asked to put down their repositories as long as the campaign is on. This campaign is ended one year ago already with 677% financial success which is extremly high for an indiegogo campaign. Those who have taken down their repositories with Themes said that they will put it back as soon as the campaign has ended but since ONE YEAR!!! none of those repositories came back and this brings up a HUGE question: WHY? 

Now again a Theme disappeared, which was even offered for free as a christmas present and it is having a GPL version 3 License. So why again this happens. You will see at the end NOBODY will actually be able to use derivates from Clean, Treehouse or any other Themes where he had access too. All those Themes are Modules!!! nothing else than Modules. As long as they get distributed alongside with a module (actyually they are inside a module) they are carrying (a must) the same license! This license has to e AGPL / LGPL.

Don't violate against the Licenses and there won't be any post about it. It is such as easy! 

Have you checked all your sites and those of your customers which are made with Version 8 that they all provide proper access to the source when they provide a service to the public. I guess not. If so than fine, but I hope you have not forgotten to give also access to the Theme Module you are using! I hope that is clear! All Modules are AGPL or LGPL this is simply a fact. On gut repository there is not much source even you changed license informations to of an AGPL license. On the website is also no links to modules you are using!

And until now there is no real position of OCA too. Ok they provide repositories, with some modules in. Lots of Odoo Developers have their own repositories too and some are sharing and providing the source to the code according to AGPL in Version 8 and some not. Don't choose a license if you don't respect the License you have chosen. 

and by the way - a thousand time discussed - where - until now there is NO thread at all which delivers a proove that the License changes are even OK. It is only talking and it seems that many here are much to afraid to show a little bit of self courage and to fight for their and other Freedom. 

We do not talk about infringements we are only asking for facts which verifies that the licenses are OK. 

And if you want to discuss this the 1000 and one time than join here.

So nobody needs to hijack or feel that anything gets hijacked. Don't violate GPL Freedom rules and everyone is happy! Simply bring back that Clean Theme in the repositories and stop the bann or whatever it is of the great Christmas Theme. Instead of this discussion actually should be happy that there was at least one who had the courage to make one of his Themes FREE (in terms of no money AND Freedom) for everyone. But as it looks like these so called "License issues" I am really wondering why it should have some at all as even the provided content seems to be no violation and is free available.

It might be the fact that you live in Bruxxle as Odoo is there too - well my parents lived not far from there in Overijse for many many years and my sister is even born in Anvers. Many very good things are coming from there beside the very delicious french fries with Mayonaise. Odoo and Drupal are other great stuff from there and I only want a real proove and clarification and answer, why a Odoo Theme could have a license Problem. But lets discuss this here, and let that Thread here for the Christmas Theme - perhaps somebody can post the link to his repository with the theme. I think there is a huge demand on getting some facts and answers.

Think about one scenario. You develop a Theme on Clean Theme which was available long time for free for everybody to use - it was THE example Theme, and than Odoo S.A. will ring your doorbell and let you take down the Theme etc. My major question I have and Luke and many others who posted about Clean Theme can say why they did not bring back their repository branches. All Those using an Odoo Theme could also ask why they don't provide the link to the source to that Theme even it is build on an AGPL Module!!!


Have a nice evening and weekend and simply let people discuss it even 2000 times or even better until there is a clarification for all and not only a statement which can't be proven and which is not a proove at all. Thanks - Please respect the Freedomn of Free Speech too.

With kind regards