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ODOO 8 and ODOO 9 Themes - Licenses!

Andi Becker
- 12/17/2015 21:22:40
Due to the fact that a free Theme seem to have been banned or removed from the shop I wuld like to ask a general question, and ODOO S.A. or anybody else can answer it!

Themes have been introduced when Version 7 came with the website builder

Version 7 and 8 were AGPL. And as Themes depend on Odoo and some other modules which are AGPL, also need to be AGPL as the majority of code they depend on is AGPL.

We realised that the THEMES had than a tag that they are LGPL - why for Version 8 LGPL and not AGPL as the Module is the base to upload css and xml into the database where it than gets further processed is based on AGPL. It is usually made with the module creator from within ODOO 8 which is AGPL too.

I read:
Themes are loaded into the database as data. Therefore they do not need to be open sourced. This was answered by the Odoo team on the mailing list.

Which is sorry to say this IMHO bullshit. Than nothing would need to be open sourced which is using a database. Unfortunately we could not find that mentioned thread on the mailing list.

The module which is uploading things to the database has to be AGPL and as all released Themes until now are in fact MODULES!!! created even with the build in module creator all Themes are nothing else than a derivated work or ODOO core.

This core is AGPL in Version 8 and it has been changed to LGPL in Version 9 by the owner of the code but until now there is no proove that every contributor who has ever contributed to the core code has signed and given his agreement with those changes.

This discussion had been before already when OpenERP which is now called TinyERP changed the license from GPL Version 3 to AGPL Version 3 and already here it has never been prooved afaik that all contributors had given their consent to change this license to AGPL Version 3. It is only sometimes stated that they have the consent but there is no proove or document which lists all contributors and all signed agreements on it that they were OK with the move to AGPL and I doubt this is even possible with the move to LGPL. (My personel opnion I might be wrong, but than please correct me with facts you can proove!)

Nevertheless Themes are nothing else than modules of OpenERP / or ODOO and therefore are considered as derivated works and need to have the same license as the original work. 

i.e. Version 8

You create a module or theme and use it in your private company only for your purposes internally and you will never provide a service with it. Than you can do what you want with it more or less internally!

If you are now going to release it to public and provide a service, than you HAVE TO - this is a MUST - the code and you even have to give everyone using that service a chance to inspect the source code (which means he can download and test and also rewrite or modify it or even integrate it into his own code and redistribute it for free (no money) or for big money, as long as he is not changing the AGPL license. If he does change the license it is a violation according the AGPL license.

So as long as you use a module which is AGPL or in Version 9 perhaps LGPL the Theme can be considered as a derivated work! I think everyone will agree on that.

I you now want to not share your Theme you actually would need to upload it manually to the database but NOT using and distributing it with the Odoo Module you have created using Odoo.


As long as you did something like that with your theme like Luke Branch from Hongkong is describing here, the theme has to (a MUST) be LGPL or AGPL and it is for sure still Free Open Source Code which needs to be shared (i.e. according to AGPL) as it is nothing else than a derivated work.

--> Please READ the comments here and many people are asking for Themes which have been freely available for every one i.e. the Clean Theme which is base of many themes or the TreeHouse Theme etc. Until now those Branches did not get back live - WHY?

I am asking this here and now!

@Luke you wrote:

I'll wait until the Indiegogo campaign here is finished: to allow Odoo to gather as much funding to improve the themes and building blocks from the campaign as possible as it will be beneficial to the community as many building blocks will eventually be rolled into the open-source repo's as far as i'm aware. Once the funding has closed I will add my own modified fork of theme_clean back on my github profile to allow anyone who is interested to use it as a reference. In the meantime I suggest you refer to this website for documentation: as it gives a great rundown of what a basic (empty) theme structure should look like.

It would be nice if you could post a link to your repository again as you promised to the community. Thanks! 

This was over one year ago and the indegogo campaign is long time ended with a sum of over 81.000 Dollar US (it is 677% funded as they wanted to raise ONLY 12.000 Dollar US for all those 50 Themes)

We will create 50 fully customizable themes. If you need a website for your own purposes, you can buy one theme from the 50 themes available at the end of the campaign. If you provide services to many customers, you can buy the pack of 50 themes and reuse them.

Where is actually the 50 Themes pack we could reuse??? Are there at all 50 Themes as we could not find many themes from that campaign!

As all those Themes are nothing else than ODOO Modules created as described above by Luke Branch they all are derivated works and have the licenses of ODOO which is Version 8 AGPL and Version 9 LGPL if there is a proove that everybody who had anytime contributed to the core and the modules which are necessary to run those Themes agreed in those License changes, otherwise it is even still GPL Version 3 like the Christmas Theme correctly states in his header.

  • Thanks for your mails - by the way! - some people here still keep the spirit of inspire to share alive according to the GPL Licenses! Thanks a lot!
Greetings, I'm hoping that with the indiegogo project finalizing here that we can get this branch back? I openly supported the project and have contributed myself... Like I'm sure many of us, we really need this source so we can be making the changes our clients need in place now... if not long before now.

Greg Moss, from First Class Computer Consulting in the USA wrote the above. He even contributed to that campaign which has been 677% funded and he brings it to the point. The community, needs to get the Clean Theme back (especially that one) as it was and is still the best base of learning on how to create a theme. Many people since than have build their own Themes on the Clean Theme like Luke Branch stated in his Comment already. I really hope that this Clean Theme will be given back to the community as it was before - Free accessible in a git repository and able to contribute and modify as you like!

To be honest since the Christmas Theme disappeared I really get alerted with big red lights as I already see all Themes being closed down for Odoo S.A, own commercial purposes. I read in mailinglist threads that they actually asked all people to shut down their clean theme git branches in their repositories. I guess to Luke Branch perhaps the same happened! But as especially Luke Branch is a big contributor to Odoo Community with great community spirit and ideas I am wondering why especially he did not keep the promise he has given in his comment. 

Perhaps he can clarify this! At least I hope so - otherwise I would think that again the "Maulkorb Erlass" like we say in Germany, might have done its work and people got forced to not reopen their branches. 

Actually everybody who is providing a Service - which is most of the people running a website with Odoo publicly, need to post a Link to the sourcecode. So also to the sourcecode of all their Themes.

Some Companies are doing that - like Vertelab from Sweden or Bloopark from Germany. There Themes are available on their git repositories and to be honest they are really great - Thanks for sharing! The one from Bloopark is even better than Graphene IMHO.


What you will get?
We are a team of four designers, two experienced Odoo developers and two usability experts who are already working on this exciting project. The project entails:
  • the design of 50 customizable bootstrap-based themes
  • the creation of 70 HTML building blocks you can use for your own needs
  • publishing the Themes Designer Book: a comprehensive manual on how to customize your own website
  • developing new features for the Odoo Website Builder
We are designing mobile friendly themes based on the bootstrap fluid grid layout which assure you the perfect integration of any element of your page. 
We will provide a suite of clean HTML blocks, also called snippets or components, so that you can use to build your image galleries, timelines, profiles, etc
Every theme will come with its own set of colors, fonts and images, giving you the ability to match it to your own branding. Our themes will cover different industries and will provide all the features corresponding to their needs. 

Where is all this available???

Let's take the Clean Theme as an example. All sponsors have been mentioned and all of them got the clean Theme:

Ross Whiting, Oxenworkwear - Hans Balis - Stephan Keller, Sodexis, Inc. - Michael Hucke, Hucke Media GmbH & Co. KG - Joachim Grubelnik, DaDi EDV GmbH​ - DynApps - Cats&Dogs bvba - Bloopark systems GmbH & Co. KG - Parthiv Patel, Tech Receptives Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Stuart Mackintosh, OpusVL - Erwin van der Ploeg, BAS Solutions - ali Zuaby, simplit co - Aselcis Consulting - Nhomar Hernandez, Vauxoo, Robert Baumgartner, datenpol gmbh - openBIG - Russell Phillippe, Protogenos Ltd - Julien Allo, Julius - EasyPME - Jonathan Wilson, WillowIT Pty Ltd - Xavier Mallein, MAallein - Pedro M. Baeza, Serv. Tecnol. Avanzados - Daniel Dico, OERP Canada - Jantz Business Group b.v. - LogicaSoft Consulting - Eric Caudal, Elico Corp - Ermin Trevisan, Twanda - Jean-François Mattler, OpenFid SAS - Alex Ferrer, Lannex IT Solutions - Tony Gu, Shine IT Co. Ltd. 先安科技 - TaPo-IT OG - Jos De Graeve, Apertoso - Nicolas Rigo, eezee-it - Luis Miguel Varón E, Colorisa S.A - OpenBias - Stanislas Drouin Applicatour, Rohit Thakral - François Dhommeaux, Ubic Informatique - Judson Alves, Market Home Delivery - Eric Flaux, ABF Osiell - Gilles Dupont - Arnis Putniņš - Johnson Martt, GetOpenERP (Part of OpenStow Technologies) - Gianluca Milano - Daniel Stolovich, ATEL S.A. - Equitania Software GmbH - Senthilnathan G - Houssine Bakkali - Arend Trip - Kevin Woolf, Baba Kevin's American Barbecue Co., Ltd. - toodoo sàrl - Zoltan Gabor 'Apersis' - Tom De Decker, WEB2GO LTD - Nicolás Cavalier Montenegro, STOREGUD CORPORATION SAC - Keirse Jerome - REAL Solutions S.A. - Davide Corio - Brice Muangkhot - Melvin Miguel Martinez, Mendoza Hernandez - Auditores - Chua Wen Ching - Tran Minh Tri working, - Badisheng Morena - Sogexis - Josh Wardini - The Tee Shirt Bakery - Bruce Letterle, Red Lab Media - Benoit Vankoningsloo - Francisco Manuel Garcia Claramonte. - Paulina Mikolajczak-Blasco - Collectiv - Tony Fernando - Herbert Riener, rigaConcepts - Kalmen Chia, E-Global SCM Solution Sdn Bhd - Rob North, Pair A Dice Games - David E. Vargas, CloudShop - François Le Gal - Calin Chete (24h Solutions) - Maria Gabriela Fong, MAGA Systems & Consulting - Pascal Behr, Cytosurge AG - Marc Antwertinger - Opencloud Unipessoal, Lda - Ruchir Shukla, BizzAppDev - Michael Hucke, Hucke Media GmbH & Co. KG - Mathias Neef, copadoMEDIA UG - Pablo Arias - Same Motion - - Habib Ayob - Igor Jovanovic - Liangming Wang, Weixuan Inc. - Jason Au Yeung, Binary System Limited - Fredrik Arvas, Arvas International AB - Martin Temmink, Zigaret - Mathieu Vanneste, Flockdesign - Filip Fruru, Instant Media - Marianne Wilmsmeier, Fabrik Fünf GmbH - Vertex Group Enterprises - Bingen Eguzkitza - Herczeg Péter, InnOpen Group Kft - Giles Hohnen - Luis Felipe Miléo, KMEE - Maria Gabriela Fong, MAGA Systems & Consulting - Aaron Magon, Web Industries - Andrew Trueman, B.M. Trueman & Partners - Sven Petersen, Conexus - Nous Cambas - Oliver Yuan, OpenStone - Henri Ibowili, A-YANT.COM - Nicolas JEUDY - Helmut Drewes - Maik Steinfeld, Streward - Hans Henrik Gabelgaard - AJ Rosman - Eduard - Patrick Darribet, SUDOKEYS - Camptocamp - Cyril Morisse - Alejandro Santana - Eva Pinter, YBO - Mathias Neef, copadoMEDIA UG - Jean-Christophe Perrot, LOGICASOFT - Zarshed Ali, HiTechnologia - Stefan Reisich - Maxime Chambreuil, Savoir-faire Linux - Mario Gielissen, Openworx - Nicholas Burdic, Aptoworks LLC - Olivier Lenoir


This is a lot of people and a lot of companies which will have the Clean Theme and which actually need to share it with the sourcecode, as soon as they use it publicly in their provided services as ALL Theme have been released under AGPL license as stated on the indiegogo campaign site:

What license will these developments fall under?
Every improvement of the website builder application will be released in open source (AGPL) and included in the official version of Odoo. This includes: the customization toolbox, the contact form builder, an improved inline editor for perfect HTML pages.

Even it is an Official Version of ODOO the source code has to be shared.

The point what they wrote below that is IMHO not working as they distribute all Themes as Modules itself. Which means as all those rely on Odoo and on the website builder and other Modules which are AGPL also all THEME Modules are legally AGPL and must be AGPL too.

Please correct me if I am wrong but please proove it that I am wrong! Thanks! 

What's the deadline for the project?
We expect to finish all themes and building blocks by the end of December. However, as soon as we finish each theme, you will have access to it. You will not have to wait until the end of December to play with them.
The first theme we developed, the "Clean" theme will be send as soon as you have contributed to the campaign as this theme is already ready to use.

What is with that which has been written in 2014 and since than we can't see all Themes finished.

"You will not have to wait until the end of December to play with them." December 2014 !!! Was this a joke?


Sorry for the bit longer Thread, but I really want now a very very clear answer by Odoo S.A. what Licenses the Theme Modules are in their opinion and what is the ODOO S.A. Goal. Fabien stated many times that he loves Open Source and that he will never close down the sources, but what I see right now is just the opposite of that. It is pur commercial interest with the goal to close down bit by bit and distribute it only for customers who can pay lots of money and I am fearing as the clean Theme or the derivates he mentioned until now are not in Luke Git afaik, that there is much more going on, so that people take of there Free Themes instead of sharing them - even they are a Module which is based and for sure which is AGPL code!

I hope others who feel the same, or who had the same or similar experience perhaps like those who now no more share their git repositories like Luke's Clean Theme Branch or the Christmas Theme Branch - and I am sure there are more - are willing to share why they are no more sharing their Themes. What happened to you all? Why are you no more sharing your Themes? Why are you no more sharing Theme Modules which get used in services? 

I hope the real Free Open Source Community Spirit will come back to you all and that also Your Force will be awakening!

Inspire to share

Have a nice day