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Dave Ellison
- 12/17/2015 13:40:04

When sending a message on a record on version 7, for example an issue
record, you can click "Send Message" and type your email to send it.
This uses under addons/mail/ folder. On the function
send_get_mail_subject within that file. I have replaced the following:

            return 'Re : %s' % (mail.record_name)


            return 'Re: %s' % str((mail.res_id))+' - '+(mail.record_name)

This gives me the unique ID of the issue and sends it within the subject
of the email. However, if a user clicks on the icon top right of the
conversation labeled "open full mail composer". This completely ignores
this code, of which I assume is elsewhere. Does anyone know what the
"Full Mail Composer" exists in the code? Otherwise if people send the
email from that, it does not include the ID.

Many thanks