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ODOO 9.0 - Error register_rpc_endpoint

Dedi Sinaga
- 12/16/2015 23:22:09
Dear Community,
I have just download new revision of odoo 9.0 from git. On last
Saturday, there was no error  and my development server was working
fine. After I downloaded new clone, I found an error.
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'register_rpc_endpoint'

This attribute is called from "addons/edi/", line 61

=> openerp.service.wsgi_server.register_rpc_endpoint('edi', dispatch)

When I check into there is no such attribute.  I used
this command to clone
$git clone --depth=1 --branch=9.0
And when I checked into github odoo from browser
there's no such attribute named register_rpc_endpoint.
Please, I need help to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.