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[9.0] How Can I Setup Sales Pricelist based on Purchase Pricelist or Supplier Prices on the product form?

Luke Branch
- 12/15/2015 19:49:16

Has anyone figured out how to setup sales pricelist based on purchase pricelist, or sales pricelist based on supplier prices on the product form in version 9.0 in a similar manner to what could be done in version 8.0?

I've setup a new instance of version 9.0 and am trying to migrate over product data, pricelists, etc. from version 8.0, however I can't seem to find where these features are hiding.

Previously I was able to take the vendor/supplier price on the product form as a basis for calculating the sales price in a pricelist, or just use the Supplier Purchase pricelist as the basis for calculating cost + markup % for my Sales Pricelists.

These two options are now not available in the sales pricelist with:

Advanced pricing based on formula

ticked in:

Sales >> Settings

It seems strange that these two features are not easily accessible on with the Advanced pricing based on formula option, as at least in my case (trading company) this is a pretty common setup.