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Re: [9.0]Looking for community module to bring back technical user right

ITpedia Solutions, LLC, Nicholas Riegel 2
- 12/15/2015 11:58:45
+1,000,000 - very much agree. Functional experts and admins needs access to many of the menus and technical features only available in 'developer mode' [9.0].  Developer mode is slower and more resource intensive than the regular views (both in the user's browser as well as the Odoo server). Developer mode is necessary and useful, such as all of the features available in the Developer Tools menu, but those features should be separate from the 'technical features'.

Odoo, Fabien, Olivia, etc, please consider changing this in Odoo 9 and certainly Odoo 10!

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On 12/14/2015 09:30 PM, Hans Yonathan wrote:
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Hi Odoo Community,


Right now currently in version 9, we must activated the developer mode to see the complete list of menu,

I find that this feature is very annoying, as in developer mode it become slower and heavier to load.


Is there a community module that fixed this behavior? Like we did on last version, we just need to check the checkbox about technical user right,

And we can get a complete list of menu?


Thank You.


Best Regards,

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