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Re: Odoo V8 Project: Invoicing of Timesheets in separate lines possible?

Peter Niederlag
- 12/14/2015 03:05:20

On 13.12.2015 12:19, Jörg Ricardo Schumacher wrote:
> e.g. Odoo is actually grouping timesheet lines into one line in the
> invoice. Is there any way to inhibit this, so that every activity
> gets its own line?

I doubt this can be achieved "out-of-the-box".

Just to give you an idea:

We had a similar requirement and achieved in on openerp version 5 like

We patched openerp(version 5) so it did reuse an existing draft invoice
of the same customer on invoicing of analytic lines. Afterwards we could
just sort on analytic lines (oftimesheets), select the one we'd like to
have on one invoice line, invoice these and continue with the next
analytics lines, which would then be added on the very same invoice in
another line.

Greets and hth,