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[v8] Is Odoo able to manage products that work with variable units of measure?

Manuel López
- 12/13/2015 13:56:26
I am facing serious problems trying to implement Odoo to work with products that use two units of measure and the conversion between them is variable. This seems to be a very common scenario in many industries, that you buy and sell a product in "Pieces" but you manageyour stock and have the prices of the Kg.
Example: Food industry dedicated to buy and sell chickens and other poultries.
When we buy:
- We buy chickens by units (we make purchases orders saying "Send me 1000 chickens") but we negotiate the price with the supplier by Kg, say 1€/Kg.
- When we make a purchase order we do not know in advance how many Kgs correspond to 1000 chickens (well, we have an aproximate idea of how many Kg will weight a chicken, an average weight, say 2Kg/chicken, but not the exact weight that the delivered 1000 chickens will have on arrival).
- When we receive the chichens, we weight them and input in stock the exact Kgs they weight, let's say 1900 Kgs.
When we sell:
- Our customers, groceries stores and restaurants, ask us for chickens also in units ("hey, send me 20 chickens!"), so our salesmans fill the Sale Order with 20 chickens.
- The price we give to our customers is by Kg, say 3€/kg
- As with purchases, when the customer places the Sale Order we do not know exactly how much will weight the 20 chickens.
- When we prepair the delivery order is when we weight 20 chickens and input it in the order, say the 20 chickens = 38.750 Kgs
- If we invoice the delivery order, the line should show up 20 chichens and/or 38.750 Kgs
This operative seems pretty straightforward and should mean no problem, given Odoo is able to work with two units of measure, but I am unable to make it work correctly.
I configure the product as:
Product: Fresh chicken
UoM: Kg
List Price: 3€
UoP: Unit
Uos: Unit
UoS -> UoM Coeff: 0.5
In the Sale Order I can input 20 chicken and automatically 40 Kgs are calculated, no problem with that, is obviuosly an stimated average weight. Is when I go to the Delivery Order that I input the actual weight, 38.750 Kgs, and it is then when Odoo also converts that to 19.375 chickens!! If I make the invoice of the order, the invoice line will show:
Product              Quantity     UoM      Quantity    UoS    Unit Price      Subtotal
========        =======    ====    =======    ===    =======    ========
Frech chicken     38.750        Kgs        19.38      Units       3.00€        116.25€
When it should show
Product              Quantity     UoM      Quantity    UoS    Unit Price      Subtotal
========        =======    ====    =======    ===    =======    ========
Frech chicken     38.750        Kgs         20.00     Units       3.00€        116.25€
Am I doing something wrong, facing the problem the wrong way, or is it simply that Odoo can not work with products with variable units of measure?
Thank you and please excuse my bad english.

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