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[POS] Point of sale is very slow when there are many products (about 5000)

Hieu Nguyen
- 12/13/2015 00:47:11
Dear Community,

Point of sale works pretty well for me in the past when we have less than 1000 products. It might take a few minutes to start a new POS. But now, we have about 5000 products/product variants, POS takes forever to start a new session.

From what I see, POS web client has to load all the product information when a session starts, so POS can be run offline (which is unnecessary in my case, because our computers are always connected to the internet/server) . This query takes a long time to be completed.

Does anyone have any alternatives for current out-of-the box POS module? Or are there any plans to redesign the POS module, so it loads products
asynchronously, not loads everything in a one shot.