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Re: How to increase odoo Performance?

Dedi Sinaga
- 12/10/2015 09:29:48

IMHO, from database side, good database design and proper indexing are main factors. From python side, optimize looping process (avoid doing browse or search inside loop).
You may modify your tables by adding indexing and re-check custom addons for looping process.

On Dec 10, 2015 9:07 PM, "Gustavo Orrillo" <> wrote:
get a good DBA who understands PostgreSQL

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 10:29 AM, hamed faheim <> wrote:

Dear All

in the Previous Conversation with Subject” Odoo Hosting Companies

our Conversation Summarized to many of Companies have High Rates as (Digital Ocean, Amazon, Google and LiNode ) and more

The Question Now, How to increase odoo Performance?


From My Point of View, There are many of Factors we should determined them before Buy Server to Increase Performance as;

1- Concurrent User

2- Transactions and inquiries

3- Scheduled Actions

4- Number of Installed modules


Then According to measuring the Above Factors the odoo Implementer Can determine the Server Specifications that work with the Above Factors with High Performance as Memory, CPU, SSD/HD, Band width (this Factors From My Point of View then may be Increase )

now we need to discuss All Factors that depend on odoo Performance to become with High Performance.

Please your recommendation with some Examples (Factors and HD Specifications) .
and I will Start with this Specification:
(4 Cores, 3.40 GHz , RAM: 16 GB, 500 GB SATA) to Implement Odoo for 100 Concurrent Users and default Scheduled Actions and new 3 Scheduled Actions that Run daily/Weekly 

Waiting your Feedback... 


Eng. Hamed Al-Hosiny
Odoo Implementer 

(+20)10 9840 118

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