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Re: Odoo Hosting Companies

Ygol InternetWork, Yves Goldberg
- 12/10/2015 02:52:20
I find most of your interventions in this list very interesting and usefull.
Thank you.
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From: Andreas Becker <>
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Subject: Re: Odoo Hosting Companies
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 00:29:33 -0000
If you never have ran a server, start doing it, but only for yourself! Try to optimise and learn until you feel yourself ready to manage a server or even servers for others. Server Management is a complete different thing than managing Odoo!
To make it easy and get up and running use a Base distribution which is well documented. i.e. UBUNTU 14.04 LTS you will find lots of literature about running and setting up an UBUNTU server. To make it easy for you to get additional components up and running and to get a great overview about your system incl notifications use i.e. virtualmin. Unfortunately it does not come with special python support and default is apache, but it has most additional components you will need to run your server already ready to use i.e. postfix for sending out your mail or even Apache as a Proxy. openssl ssl certificate and postgres DB management etc.
To monitor your server use i.e. Nagios with its great and helpful community is also Nagios but easy to setup but only limited features ! They are enough to start with!
I recommend that you either buy a computer with lots of RAM (or take an older one) and set it up as server. or get a dedicated Server. Try to run your own business on that server with using Odoo, than you will see where the problems are and where you need to get more training.
Icinga is another clone of nagios
NTOP is a great packet sniffing tool
Observium if you want to know where your data is currently and also to find out performance leaks in your distribution network.
try to get somebody who has done this process already and who will help you managing your server. Server Management is another chapter than Odoo.
You can be a great guy in Odoo but still your sites won't run if your server slows them down. There are so many components to be checked and which could influence performance.
Most important for Odoo is a lot of RAM - so my experience. If there is one system who really needs RAM it is Odoo. With enough RAM you can speed up your sites tremendously. This is one reason why we use Hetzner Servers with 32 - 64 GB RAM for our customers and they are really worth the price they pay each month for it. Don't take the managed servers from Hetzner as there you can get problems to get Odoo up and running due to their restrictions. 
As said above already for Testing and Experimenting etc Digital Ocean with even 1GB would be enough if you are the only one using it and if you have no problems to reboot your complete server at least once a day or even more often. With 512MB simply forget it as your backend often will get stock loading completely.
As Amazon and Digital Ocean and Linode have also locations in Europe does not mean that your data won't reach the US! The new EU ruling is concerning privacy and sensible data and this data will be accessible anytime by companies located in US even they ran servers outside the US. We had several customers and they all denied hosting on the Frankfurt servers because of this  - and this even they saw the benefits during development time. But the fear, especially in Germany of getting "Abmahnungen" which can be very expensive, was growing a lot after the EU decision. And as posted already Odoo itself is a problem too due to its build in phone home functionality. I really recommend that this gets packed into a separate module instead and that the core will be kept always clean from such malware functionalities. If people like that their application is sending data to ODOO S.A. they should be asked first and than they can enable it if they like, but the default should always be NO PHONING HOME.

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On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 1:52 AM, Dave Ellison <> wrote:
Also if anyone wants dedicated, I can do default Xeon E3-1225v3 Quad Core 3.6Ghz from these guys:
At £45 per month, with £49 setup, which is discounted from their website. :)
If there are other configurations you want, tell me the spec by using the above link and I will be happy to discount it. Happy to help out Odoo devs with a good discount.


On 09/12/15 16:52, Ahmed Elsaka wrote:


Could you please also share any actions or steps which should be made to enhance Odoo performance as Server (Who has the experience), as we face bad performance.

Ahmed Elsaka

On 9 Dec 2015 18:42, "Ermin Trevisan" <> wrote:
Well, at Amazon you can have your servers be located in
Frankfurt/Germany for example, if you like.

On 09.12.2015 15:12, Andreas Becker wrote:
> A huge disadvantage of
> services like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode etc is that most of them
> have very close relationship to the USA - don't forget to mention
> rackspace too! - and due to the newest EU rules it is NOT advised to
> host a european website on an US Server or with an US based Company due
> to their huge privacy problems and leaky privacy policies. Some cloud
> providers already reacted to the EU court decision and offer now i.e
> Space in Frankfurt (Digital Ocean) and elsewhere but still the Company
> is in the US ;-) And this means not trustworthy when it comes to privacy! 
> *

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