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Re: Petty Cash and Cash Advance management

Nhomar Hernandez
- 12/09/2015 16:38:54
Hello Oleg.

We developed a complete flow for what you mentioned in addons-vauxoo sadly it is testes (manually) just for v7.0

We can prepare a demo for you and if you are agreed we can make the migration to OCA.

Even if I am agreed with the fact that Ray mentioned, in big enterprises you can not open the payment screen with 100% of access to accoiunting just for this (security reasons) and you can not expect Employees (100%) understand the impact of their data loaded from an accounting PoV (expertise).
For those reasons we did that development.

The good news is that the client was SO happy with such process as an unique pipeline for expenses.

The bad news... it took something like 2 months of work considering EVERYTHING in the flow, it is not an easy job.

Oleg, if you agree on test it you can find a lot of modules with expense** on the name on addons-vauxee, it was not 1 module and again, they were tested manually.

I should invest on.

1.- Unittest.
2.- New api.
3.- Documentation.

Those jobs can take at least 2 calendar month of work.

At the end with all of this, you need to say V8 or V9 I decant my self for v9.0 but it can represent solve a lot of accounting issues first (leak of analytic distribution for example.

Write us if you think it is feasible... and we can share some demos (in spanish) or explain some process on english (no videos there).


2015-12-09 9:37 GMT-06:00 Oleg Kuryan <>:
Hello Everybody,

Need your help. 
I wonder if anybody knows about existing modules/functionality for Odoo 8 that is related to:
1) Petty Cash Management 

For example, company gives to their employees small amount  cash (it should be first transferred for banks) for some expenses that employee may have for company needs (transport, bus tickets, even food). 

2) Cash Advance
For example, if there is planned expense for some project, but some employee need to go and buy (for example laptop), company gives cash to him in advance. So he can safely buy goods without pending his money.

It seems that "Human Resources -> Expenses" (hr_expense module) functionality is related to this. But it assumes that expense is already done and you can prove it. Above points assumes that you are given money in advance without knowing real spent amount. Later you may need to prove that you have spent exactly this amount. and googling doesn't give much info. 


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